At a time of ecological crisis, changing weather systems, species extinctions, and global pandemics, how can we care for wounded places and create healthier relations with our environments? We need to act now and start at home! Earth Writings will explore the mosaic of distinctive landscapes and multi-species well-being that comprise the web of life on the Irish island and beyond. 

The Earth Writings book series explores distinctive Irish environments to think about the challenges of our earth’s crises. Earth Writings fosters conversations and insight for these urgent times. A collaborative initiative between independent artists, activists and academics from Irish Universities, the Earth Writings books and related projects will explore how we got to this present emergency, and how we can begin to forge relationships of care with all the living beings that share our Earth.

CUP Earth Writings Book Series Editors DR NESSA CRONIN, Centre for Irish Studies, Moore Institute, National University of Ireland Galway; PROFESSOR GERRY KEARNS, Department of Geography, Maynooth University, and PROFESSOR KAREN E. TILL, Maynooth Geography.

Photo credits: Series left: top: The Grafter, Jason Sheirdan (c) Seoidín O’Sullivan, 2019; middle: Transformation still (c) Cathy Fitzgerald, 2011; bottom: Artist’s notebook (c) Monica de Bath, 2012. Image right: You Cannot Climb a Hedge production still (C) Pauline O’Connell, 2018. Images courtesy of the artists.

This webpage was designed by Cathy Fitzgerald (c) 2020, and generously supported by a Research Incentive Grant from the Department of Geography at Maynooth University.



Earth Writings emerged from many years of work and exchanges by the collaborators who shared cultural research, exhibitions, blogs and publications. READ MORE HERE

Earth Writings SUPPORTERS: The related Earth Writings projects, exhibitions and events have been generously supported by the Irish Research Council New Foundations STEAM Scheme, Creative Ireland, Kildare County Council Arts Service; Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway; Moore Institute, NUI Galway; Maynooth University Department of Geography; Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute; Maynooth University Library; and the Space&Place and Ómós Áite Research Collaboratives. 

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