Earth Writings Online Book Launches 2020


We live in an earth facing ecological crisis, changing weather systems, species extinctions, and global pandemics. How can we repair our collapsing environments?

Earth Writings: Bogs, Forests, Fields, Gardens is a short, richly illustrated arts book of essays, artwork, and exhibition vignettes that invites readers to explore ‘unexpected collaborations and combinations in hot compost piles’ (Haraway, 2016) in a range of Irish settings. In the book, we learn more about the creative practices of four artists working in southwest Ireland – MONICA DE BATH, CATHY FITZGERALD, PAULINE O’CONNELL and SEOIDÍN O’SULLIVAN – who, to borrow Donna Haraway’s (2016) words, ‘stay with the trouble’ and make ‘kin in lines of inventive connections’. The book includes essays with scholarsPATRICK BRESNIHAN, NESSA CRONIN, GERRY KEARNS and KAREN E. TILL, respectively, in conversation with the artists, and introductions by LUCINA RUSSELL (Kildare County Council Arts Service) and Karen E. Till.

Earth Writings: Bogs, Forests, Fields, Gardens (2020).
Ed. Karen E. Till. ISBN 978-0-9547955-3-5, 73 pp. Maynooth University, Department of Geography. 
Details on purchasing the book available here.
Youtube recording of 25 November 2020 book launch:
Hosted by the Moore Institute and Maynooth Geography.
Co-sponsored by the Geographical Society of Ireland for GeoWeek 2020. 

Two Earth Writings book launches were part of the online Dublin Art Book Fair 2020, from 23 Nov-6 December 2020. DABF embraces arts-practice publishing, artist-run culture and participatory events at the intersection of art and contemporary culture.

The first launch took place during international GeoWeek 2020, which highlights the importance of geographical knowledge for understanding the world around us and addressing contemporary social, political and environmental issues.

The second Earth Writings Book launch contributed to Creative Rathangan Meithal’s ‘Layers 3’ event. A recording of this event is forthcoming.