Earth Writings Symposia

The aim is to use our distinctive Irish environments to think about the challenges of our climate and ecological crises. We need to act now and we need to start at home.

Earth Writings Series Editors, Nessa Cronin, Gerry Kearns and Karen E. Till

Earth Writings Launch Symposium (2019)

The Symposium opened with an address by President of Maynooth University, Professor Philip Nolan, which was followed by short conversations with the artists Monica de Bath (Kildare Co.), Cathy Fitzgerald (Co. Carlow), Pauline O’Connell (Co. Kilkenny) and Seodín O’Sullivan (Dublin), who were paired with Dr Patrick Bresnihan (Maynooth Geography), Dr Nessa Cronin (NUI Galway, Centre for Irish Studies), Prof. Gerry Kearns (Maynooth Geography) and Prof. Karen Till (Maynooth Geography) respectively. Following the symposium, Lucina Russell (Kildare County Council Arts Service officer) launched the Earth Writings: Bogs, Forests, Fields, Gardens exhibition at the Maynooth University Library.

The artists highlighted in Earth Writings work with peoples/natures in peatlands, woodlands, fields and cities in SE Ireland. Their practices include video, books, paintings, sketchings, grafted trees, blogs and other social interventions. Their creative-ecological-social practices call attention to the diversity of the ways that human societies are mutually constituted with and through their natural worlds and environments, rejecting dominant growth-based strategies of sustainable development.

At times of ecological crisis, rapidly changing weather systems, and species extinctions, there is much to learn from these artists who ‘stay with the trouble’ (Haraway, 2016) to realise healthier environmental relations.

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The programme is generously supported by the Irish Research Council New Foundations STEAM Scheme, Creative Ireland, Kildare County Council Arts Service, Maynooth University Department of Geography, Maynooth University Library, and the Space&Place and Ómós Áite Research Collaboratives.