Nessa Cronin, Centre for Irish Studies; Associate Director, Moore Institute, National University of Galway, Ireland

Dr Nessa Cronin

Nessa has published widely on various aspects of Irish writing, cultural geography and community mapping practices. Her work on Irish Literary and Cultural Geographies has involved the development of the interdisciplinary Irish Place Studies network, Ómós Áite at the Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway. She is the Irish co-convenor of the Mapping Spectral Traces International Collaborative with Karen Till. Email: nessa.cronin@nuigalway.ie

Professor Gerry Kearns

Gerry’s work interrogates the intersection of historical, political and medical themes in Geography. His 2009 book, Geopolitics and Empire, won the Murchison Award from the Royal Geographical Society as the most significant contribution to geographical scholarship that year. He is currently working on the cultural politics of AIDS for a book to be called Making Space for AIDS. He was awarded the ‘Distinguished Historical Geographer’ at the Association of American Geographers Conference in 2015. Email: gerry.kearns@mu.ie

Gerry Kearns, Head of Department, Geography , Maynooth University
Karen E. Till, Co-Director MA Geography and Spatial Justice, Department of Geography, Maynooth University

Professor Karen E. Till

Karen is a cultural geographer, ethnographer and curator who engages in collaborative research about place, memory and creative practice. Working with local experts, she explores how creative practices might enable more responsible and sustainable approaches to caring for places, shared environments and cities. Publications include The New Berlin: Place, Memory, Politics (2005), and the arts edited volumes Mapping Spectral Traces (2009) and Earth Writings: Bogs, Forests, Fields, Gardens (2020). Her book in progress is entitled Wounded Cities. Email: karen.till@mu.ie

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