Cathy Fitzgerald speaks with Megan Best Dublin City FM on Why Ecoliteracy Matters for the Creative Sector

103.2 Dublin City FM

Nov. 2020   · On the Green Room (Saturdays, 9 am, Dublin City FM), Megan Best chatted to Cathy Fitzgerald, founder of the Haumea Ecoliteracy online coursesOn Why Ecoliteracy Matters for the creative sector’. 

Cathy spoke about the importance of ecoliteracy for arts practitioners and creative professionals. Cathy also discusses her work in advocating for continuous cover forestry (which is detailed here on the Earth Writing’s website and new book), for international ecocide law and the Earth Charter.

Cathy Fitzgerald’s Haumea ONLINE 7 week Essential ecoliteracy course for Creatives and Art Professionals that she discusses in the radio interview with Megan Best for the Green Room, Dublin City FM

Also, Cathy has just announced her next Haumea Online 7-week Essential Course, beginning the 5 Jan. 2021.

Click for info and how to sign up here (places are limited and filling fast)

Megan Best, The Green Room, Dublin City fm

The Green Room 9am Saturday, Dublin City FM

Society faces an increasingly uncertain future – climate change, biodiversity loss, extreme pollution, rising poverty and inequality – these are the challenges we collectively face. In response to our challenges we need new thinking and vision. The Green Room will be a space for creative conversation in a time of disruption, transition and transformation. Each week Megan Best invites a cultural sector leader – be that arts, music, theatre or food, to look at our cultural landscapes through a new lens. Through celebrating their efforts towards social and environmental sustainability, we can use our culture, customs and beliefs to inspire individual and collective change.

Megan works with arts practices, events and festivals in the realm of sustainability and circularity, and runs her own upcycled clothing brand. She is currently finalising an MSc in Environmental Sustainability with UCD. See other past programmes here

Published by Cathy Fitzgerald

Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD, is a New Zealander, ecosocial (ecological) artist, innovative educator and researcher now living in Ireland. She completed her PhD by Practice 'The Ecological Turn: Living Well with Forests to articulate ecosocial art practice using Guattari’s ecosophy and action research', in 2018, at the National College of Art and Design in Ireland. She continues her ongoing ecosocial art practice - The Hollywood Forest Story at Currently a Research Fellow for the Burren College of Art, Cathy is currently sharing her ecoliteracy learning with other creative workers through online courses and workshops at the Haumea Ecoversity

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